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How motorists can avoid truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Now that summer is here, there are more motorists on the roads in Louisiana than usual. Many of those individuals are truck operators who are spending longer hours on the roads to meet delivery and shipment deadlines, earn incentives and get home. These factors and more increase the risk of truck and car accidents. Not all truck accidents are caused by commercial vehicle operators. Other motorists cause them too. According to, vehicles other than trucks cause more than two-thirds of all truck accidents.

Accidents involving trucks are usually more severe than other types of motor vehicle crashes. Victims are more likely to suffer from life-threatening injuries that can change their lives forever. Although truckers often take the blame, motorists should learn how they can protect themselves from collisions with these individuals.

Do not make assumptions 

Many drivers assume that because truckers are operating bigger vehicles, they are using safe driving behaviors. Some truckers are tired and overworked. They may not be as alert as they should be because of the demanding nature of their jobs. They may also be distracted. Drivers should not assume that truckers are driving defensively. They should watch for clues, driving signals and other signs when driving near truckers.

Avoid the blind spots 

Trucks and commercial vehicles have blind spots where operators cannot see anything. The location of blind spots are on the sides and backs of these vehicles, states the AARP Driving Resource Center. Motorists who position themselves in these places risk collision with trucks and other drivers. 

There are other factors that motorists should consider that can lead to truck and car accidents. In addition to knowing those factors, drivers should limit their distractions, stay alert and steer clear of truckers who exhibit erratic and unsafe driving behaviors.