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Accident-prone behaviors that place you at risk for injury

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2017 | Car Accidents

You can’t predict what every other motorist in your vicinity on Louisiana roadways is going to do at any given moment. In fact, even if you see potential danger looming nearby, there may be little to nothing you can do to avoid a collision. It’s never a bad idea, however, to familiarize yourself with the major causes of motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury because such knowledge may help keep you and your loved ones safe. There are typically five common factors involved in the majority of crashes.

As a cautious and conscientious driver, you likely already do your best to avoid reckless behaviors every time you get behind the wheel. The problem is that someone who has too much to drink, is under influence of a controlled substance, or fails to adhere to traffic regulations may be next to you or behind you on the highway, which places you in harm’s way. The good thing is support is available for those who suffer injury because of other motorists’ negligence.

Avoid drivers who do these things

If possible, it is always best to try to pull off the road, take the nearest exit or distance yourself from a vehicle that appears to be moving erratically or in an unsafe manner. The following list includes some of the most common causal factors in many motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana:

  • A driver who fails to yield the right-of-way when obligated to do so increases the risk for collision. Such signs don’t function as mere suggestions.
  • By the same token, stop signs and traffic lights exist to keep you and others who share the road as safe as possible. Any motorist who fails to stop at a stop sign or drives through a red light is a danger to all other motorists and pedestrians in the vicinity.
  • Driving in excess of posted speed limits is not only unlawful, but it is definitely dangerous.
  • Officers list impaired operation of a motor vehicle as a causal factor in many accident reports. Drugs and alcohol can greatly impair driving skills.

Another major cause of collisions is tailgating. Although you may be tempted to slam on your brakes to warn the driver behind you to back off, this is never a good idea and may make you partially culpable if an accident occurs. If another vehicle does hit yours and you suffer injuries, you may want to think about ways to seek restitution, especially if you are unable to work and are experiencing financial strain during your recovery.