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Live streaming and car collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the digital age, technology has brought many different innovations and people are able to interact with each other like never before. One of example of this is live streaming, where people are able to record themselves before an online audience in real time. People may live stream while they play video games, but some people also stream while walking around in public or even driving a car. Unfortunately, live streaming while driving can be a major distraction and lead to a car collision.

Some people may stream with a camera that is mounted on their dashboard. Although this may seem safer, a driver can still become distracted because their mental focus is not on the road or they have to make adjustments to their camera or interact with viewers. There are a number of reasons why live streaming can be distracting and this can prove fatal when someone is behind the wheel.

Not only do live streamers run the risk of causing an accident when they are distracted, but those viewing a live stream on their phone or tablet may also become distracted and cause a motor vehicle crash. Even when those involved in a wreck are able to survive, there is a long list of consequences they may face, including financial hardships and physical pain. The victims of these accidents should go over all of the details surrounding the accident and may want to consider legal action against a distracted driver who has caused them to suffer in various ways.