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When drivers are struggling with strong emotions

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drug and alcohol use, smartphones and other auto accident risk factors often receive a lot of attention and are widely recognized as threats to safety behind the wheel. There are many other potential areas of concern when it comes to the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision, however. For example, someone who is struggling with debilitating negative emotions may be more likely to cause an accident while they are driving. From a recent divorce to the loss of a loved one or a cancer diagnosis, there are many reasons why people struggle with these challenges and it is important to be aware of this if you are dealing with strong emotions.

From intense depression to anger and high levels of stress, many different negative emotions can be problematic with respect to driving. Whether someone found out that their partner was unfaithful, or they were unexpectedly fired, people can become overwhelmed by a wide variety of unfortunate and upsetting events in life. When these emotions run high, they can cause drivers to become distracted while operating a vehicle. In fact, some drivers may be physically affected by their emotional state (shaky hands, abrupt movements, etc.).

Unfortunately, when a driver is involved in an accident, their life can become even more difficult. Moreover, they may shatter the lives of innocent people as well. If you were hit by someone who was driving erratically for any reason, you should take a look into your legal choices and you may even decide to bring your case to court.