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Winter is coming, which means road danger will increase

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Firm News

It’s bad enough that you have to worry about drivers who travel above posted speed limits on Louisiana roads, as well as those who blow through red lights or stop signs, make unsafe lane changes or otherwise disregard traffic regulations. Negligent drivers place you, themselves and any other motorist or pedestrian nearby at risk for injury. When winter arrives and the climate changes, such risks are even greater if reckless drivers commit negligence when road conditions are poor.

In short, a driver who speeds places everyone in the vicinity at risk. A driver who speeds on icy or slushy roads is a menace to all travelers nearby. In fact, speed is one of the most significant factors toward road safety on ice. Reducing your speed is one of the first things you should do if the roads you are navigating are slippery. No matter how cautious you are, another driver’s negligence can cause you injury.

Never drive at normal speeds on icy roads

A driver near you may think he or she has exceptional driving skills; however, no one has enough skill to travel the posted speed limits on ice. Icy conditions make you and all drivers prone to skidding or all-out losing control of steering. The following list shows precautions you can take to improve your chances of arriving safely to your destination during inclement winter weather:

  • If you can’t stay off the roads altogether, it is always best to travel below 45 miles per hour on slippery roads.
  • While you may assume that applying your brakes is your best option when you encounter ice on a roadway, too much pressure on your brakes can actually send you into a slide.
  • It is nearly impossible to recover from a fish tail spin when traveling at highway speeds.
  • Be aware that one accident on an icy road often leads to others in the near aftermath of the initial collision, because other vehicles approaching the collision may be unable to stop or may spin out of control.
  • If your vehicle enters a fish tail or slide, you need to steer toward the direction of the skid in order to correct the situation.
  • If you see a stranded driver on an icy road, it is always best to notify 911 but to keep traveling as safely as possible. Stopping may cause accidents.

As a conscientious driver, you likely check the weather forecast in your Louisiana region before getting behind the wheel in winter. However, that might not always be possible, and, even if you do check the weather ahead of time, it can suddenly change, leaving you at risk for inclement driving conditions.

When another traveler causes you to suffer injury

A negligent driver is always a danger to you and all others who share the road. In poor driving conditions, negligence is a recipe for disaster. If you suffered a preventable injury due to someone’s negligence, there is no reason you should have to carry the full financial burden that may be associated with the situation.