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Are lane departure warning systems perfect?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When you approach a big commercial truck on a New Orleans road, it is natural to be a little concerned about getting close to such a large vehicle. Many motorists try to stay away from big trucks for fear that the truck may swerve into their lane. However, ExtremeTech explains that in recent years technology has offered trucks or any vehicle the ability to help keep vehicles in their lanes if they should drift out of them. These systems have proven to be helpful, but they are not completely perfect in practice.

Lane detection systems have been evolving for some time. Originally, a lane departure system would send a warning to the driver that the vehicle was passing out of a lane. Upgraded systems would automatically steer the vehicle back into a lane. More recent systems proactively attempt to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane, working like an automatic steering system. With the use of mounted cameras, the lane detection system judges the vehicle’s position on the road and acts accordingly.

However, lane departure systems are not infallible. Sometimes these systems can be thwarted by visibility obstructions. Weather conditions that completely obscure lane markings can even cause lane departure systems to shut down. Heavy rain can be a problem. Snow can also cover lane markings, though snowfall is rare in the New Orleans area and generally is no concern. However, fog is no stranger to southern Louisiana and can greatly cut down on road visibility.

Old lane markings can also pose problems. Lane detection systems may not detect worn old paint stripes or lane markings that consist of raised dots. Even if lane detectors could sense old markings, rainfall could obscure the older markings from sensors. Additionally, lane detectors can register a false alert if there are fewer highway markings available to help judge the truck’s position.

Even with the assistance of lane departure systems, it is still wise to exercise caution around a big truck. Since commercial vehicle accidents are caused by many different factors, you should not take this article as any kind of legal advice. It is only written to provide you with general information on this topic.