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Simple tips for staying a safe driver

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Firm News

Driving in and around New Orleans is not always a leisurely activity. Many times, you have likely found yourself astounded at people’s actions while they are behind the wheel of a vehicle, and you probably had a few close calls when someone runs a red light or suddenly turns in front of your vehicle. In some cases, confused tourists can also cause their fair share of problems.

Unfortunately, numerous major accidents happen every year because of seemingly minor issues. In many cases, if drivers had been paying more attention or appropriately following traffic rules and directions, serious crashes could have been avoided.

Simple tips for safer roads

Because you want to make sure that you never put anyone in more danger than necessary while you drive, you likely appreciate refreshers on safety tips. Keeping the following simple but important tips in mind may help you remain a conscientious driver:

  • Use your turn signal. This blinking light can let other drivers know if you intend to turn or change lanes, and making your intentions known can often prevent an accident.
  • Stop for pedestrians. Some drivers may think they do not have to stop for pedestrians if they have a green light, but stopping for pedestrians no matter what could prevent a potentially fatal incident.
  • Do not park in a traffic lane. Some people may think it convenient to stop in the slow lane to pick someone up or for other reasons, but this action could impede traffic as well as cause a crash if someone else is not anticipating a stop.
  • Stop or yield at blinking traffic lights accordingly. Even though they are blinking, a red traffic light still means stop, and a yellow traffic light still means yield.

You may think these are no-brainer safety tips, but too often it is simple issues like these that cause accidents.

Were you injured in a crash?

Unfortunately, even if you try your best to stay focused and follow the rules while behind the wheel, you may still wind up in a serious car accident due to the actions of others. If so, you may also suffer serious injuries that significantly affect your life. After such an event, you may want to consider looking into your legal options. Your hardships may warrant the filing of a personal injury claim against the driver considered at fault for the injury-causing crash.