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Teens and night driving

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Teenage drivers pose a risk to other vehicle operators in Louisiana due to numerous factors such as cellphone usage, interacting with friends in the car and other distracting behaviors. However, as the days become shorter, another risk to be aware of is nighttime driving. Driving in the dark is challenging for everyone, but it is particularly difficult for younger drivers.

According to the National Safety Council, driving at night increases the risk of being in a fatal crash for teenage drivers. The most dangerous time period is between 6 PM and midnight, and some of this time frame is when teens are driving home after extracurricular activities, athletic games, work and school-related events. Due to the increased risk, experts encourage parents to spend more time accompanying teenage drivers during these hours and teaching night driving skills.

Very Well Health reviews some tips that all drivers should follow when driving when it is dark outside. It helps to take a few moments before taking off to get the eyes used to the darkness. Full pupil dilation can take a few minutes, and this allows for the best vision. It is also a good idea to take a good look at the car’s exterior before driving. Make sure there are no streaks on the windshield, and clean the brake lights, headlights and signal lights. Inside the car, dim the dashboard and turn off all other interior lights so it is easier to see outside.

The eyes cannot see as far at night, so drive slower speeds to allow for proper stopping if necessary. To counteract glare from oncoming headlights, look down to the right of the road. It is also imperative to avoid driving if fatigued or short on sleep.