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How do you deal with insurance companies after an auto collision?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Auto accidents could leave Louisiana commuters or pedestrians with severe injuries and high medical costs. Victims may turn to the negligent driver’s auto liability coverage to recoup damages. The process might come with challenges, and those who have never worked with an insurance company before may get caught off guard. Working with an attorney could help a client navigate issues with insurance companies.

The insurance company protects its interests

Insurance companies accept premiums with an agreement to cover a client’s risk. When an insured driver causes a crash, the insurance company might find itself required to pay. Will the insurance company pay out? And what amount might it offer? Injured parties who think everything will work straightforwardly may feel surprised with a potentially hostile claims process.

People with little or no experience dealing with insurance companies might not understand an insurance provider will look out for its interests first. Even when a driver is obviously negligent, the insurance company could attempt to deflect some or all of the blame elsewhere. Suggesting the driver wasn’t negligent means the insurance company would not have to pay out a liability settlement. Presenting appropriate evidence could address any questions about who is at fault. The claimant, however, might not be the best person to handle such tasks.

Negotiations and challenges

Even when the insurance company appears amicable to a decent settlement, “decent” might not be sufficient or fair. A settlement offer could turn out to be a relatively low one. The claimant may find the initial settlement offer comes off as unfair. Going “back-and-forth” during insurance settlement negotiations likely requires experience. Hiring an attorney may provide a better outcome.

In some unfortunate scenarios, an insurance company may refuse to pay. Legal processes exist for dealing with an insurance company operating in “bad faith.” Hiring an attorney might be unavoidable when the insurance company wrongfully denies a claim.

Filing insurance claims after motor vehicle accidents could come with unexpected hurdles and issues. A personal injury attorney might assist clients with filing and negotiating claims.