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Did a driver hit you because they were tired?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anyone who feels tired when driving should pull over and rest before continuing. Yet, few people do, thinking they can push on a little more and reach their destination. The results can be a crash that means they or someone else never make it home.

The cause of a crash is not always apparent, so if there appears to be no logical reason that someone drove into you, consider investigating if they were tired.

New program aims to tackle driver fatigue

Driver fatigue leading to crashes is nothing new, especially among truckers who spend more hours on the road than most. A new initiative aims to address the situation. The North American Fatigue Management Program aims to help truck drivers and the companies that hire them reduce the number of overtired truck drivers on the road. It will use education and monitoring technology to do so.

Yet, a lot of it is common sense that drivers of all sizes of vehicles should put into practice. Here is what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recommends to prevent fatigue leading to crashes:

  • Get adequate sleep: The body and mind need rest to function optimally.
  • Eat well: A huge plate of carbs makes you drowsy. Too much sugar leads to energy spikes. A healthy diet, however, can help you stay alert. Taking on adequate water is part of that diet.
  • Avoid sleep-inducing medications: While medications are essential for many people, they must be sure they do not make them drowsy if they intend to drive.

Getting adequate rest and sleep can be challenging. Most of us have gone about our day feeling tired at some point. Yet, anyone who still takes the wheel needs to accept responsibility if their drowsiness causes a crash. That is not to say they will, so having legal help will be crucial to getting the compensation you deserve if injured in a crash.