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The 10 deadliest roads in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Vehicle accidents can happen on any road, but some see more than others. Understanding which the most dangerous roads are will allow you to choose a different route or take particular care when using one of them.

A recent study by the insurer Moneygeek studied Louisiana crash data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration between 2018 and 2020. Here are the top 10 in descending order of danger:

  1. I-10 E from Exit 231A to 239B
  2. Blues Hwy. from Hanks Dr. to Delcourt Avenue
  3. I-12 W from Exit 7 to Exit 4
  4. I-12 W from Exit 7 to Exit 4
  5. US-61 from Briarwood PI. to Ascension Parish Rd.
  6. US-165 from Center St. to S. Park Dr.
  7. US-61 from Blount Rd. to Samuels Rd.
  8. Walker South Rd. from Burgess Ave. to Crotwell Rd.
  9. US-61 from N. Atlanta St. to Shrewsbury Rd.
  10. I-10 from Exit 194 to Exit 187

How many crashes occurred on each stretch?

The number of fatal crashes on each of these stretches lay between 13 and 7, and the number of fatal crashes per mile was between 2.8 and 1.6.

The study only examined fatal crashes, so the value of this survey is limited. Other stretches might have higher rates of non-fatal crashes, which could still have massive consequences for anyone involved.

What about other roads?

Note that the top 10 only accounts for 92 of the 2,162 fatal accidents in Louisiana during the examined period. So it’s clear that you need to drive with caution everywhere.

If you suffer injuries in a vehicle collision, seek legal help to investigate your compensation options.