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How to spot a negligent driver

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Car Accidents

Negligence is one of the causes of car accidents. The rate of crashes can go down if everyone on the road is attentive. In 2021, 914 crashes and 997 fatalities were reported in Louisiana. The 997 fatalities topped the previous highest death mark on highways in the state, which was 993 recorded in 2007.

A significant percentage of these crashes could have been avoided. This guide discusses signs of a negligent driver to help you respond accordingly sooner if it’s possible. Here are three big red flags:

1. They’re violating traffic laws

A driver who violates traffic laws is negligent. These include driving over the speed limit, running the red light, changing lanes unlawfully, speeding through a yellow light and tailgating. These violations lead to accidents, and in most cases, they are committed by drivers running late. 

2. You see them swerving

If you notice a vehicle swerving on the road, the chances are the driver is drowsy or drunk. Distractions like texting, talking on the phone, eating or searching for things under the seat may also lead to swerving.

Nonetheless, defects like poor tire alignment, unequal tire inflation, steering problems and issues with the brakes may also cause a car to move from side to side. But in this case, the driver should warn you or stop to call for help. However, you should be alarmed if the driver isn’t communicating, yet the swerving persists. Increase the safe following distance. 

3. They’re being aggressive

Some drivers can be aggressive on the road, especially during heavy traffic. They may pass vehicles illegally, tailgate you, cut others off or make rude gestures. Aggressive driving violates traffic laws while endangering other people and property. 

A negligent driver can involve you in an accident, resulting in injuries and pain and suffering. If this is your experience, learn more about your options so you can choose the right approach.