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Which parishes have the highest crash rates in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Car Accidents

Seemingly minor decisions can significantly increase or decrease the likelihood that someone may get into a car crash. How someone drives, the type of vehicle they own and even when they go out on the roads can influence how likely they are to experience a collision.

Where someone drives is also an important consideration. Car crashes are a common occurrence across Louisiana. However, some parishes have a much higher rate of serious collisions than others. In fact, the parishes with the highest number of fatal collisions see multiple times as many fatalities as other parishes across the state.

An analysis of crashes reported by the parishes across the state reveals certain concerning trends. Where are drivers in Louisiana most likely to get into a deadly crash?

Specific parishes are tied to escalated risk levels

Factors ranging from the speed limits on different roads to the amount of traffic on any given day can influence crash risk. Road design is also a consideration. The busiest and most densely-populated parishes tend to have higher levels of traffic collisions.

Ascension Parish reported 20 traffic deaths in 2023, while Ouachita and Livingston Parishes each reported 23 fatalities. Jefferson Parish was slightly worse with 24 traffic deaths. Lafayette Parish reported 26 traffic deaths, and Rapides Parish reported 28.

From there, the reported fatalities only continue to rise. In St. Tammany Parish, 34 people died in traffic in 2023. There were 35 fatalities in Tangipahoa Parish, 37 in Calcasieu Parish and 38 in Caddo Parish. Orleans Parish saw the second-highest number of traffic deaths, with 62 fatalities reported. Finally, East Baton Rouge Parish had the most fatalities with 68, although that does represent a significant decline from the 97 deaths recorded there in 2022.

Obviously, people cannot simply avoid driving in some of the busiest and most populous parts of the state. However, they can use more caution when they know they are in a high-risk parish. If a car crash does occur, the people involved may need help navigating the insurance claims process or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Seeking personalized legal guidance is always an option.