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The Dangers Of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci Surgical System was designed to allow surgeons to operate on a patient through just a few small incisions using a camera and a highly flexible robotic system that can bend and rotate better than the surgeon’s hands. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received post-surgery reports indicating that the device’s robotic arms may not be properly insulated. This can lead to excess electricity transferred to human tissue, causing severe injuries such as burns and tearing of the internal organs, excessive bleeding and death.

If you have undergone da Vinci robotic surgery, it is important to talk with an experienced lawyer from Bruno & Bruno. We have been serving Louisiana clients for more than 60 years. With offices in New Orleans and Covington to serve both South Shore and North Shore clients, we take time to listen to our clients, research and build winning cases for them, and fight aggressively to get them the best compensation awards possible.

What To Do If You Have Had Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

This surgical system has been used hundreds of thousands of times in the past few years. Most of these procedures have been successful. But in those that were not, patients complained of serious harm after their surgery, including lacerations and burns to internal tissue and tiny pieces of the robot left inside their bodies. Worse still, many deaths have been attributed to da Vinci surgeries.

Because many of these complications are not apparent until after surgery, patients are burdened with delayed treatment and recovery, as well as increased medical expenses and lost time at work. Only recently has the manufacturer begun issuing warnings, but the true extent of harm caused by this defective product has yet to be discovered. Lawsuit filings are underway, indicating that the device’s manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical Inc., knew of the device’s defects and potential risks and failed to disclose the results to doctors and their patients.

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