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Why would an insurance company deny your accident claim?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Insurance Claims

Vehicle accident and insurance laws are rarely as simple as consumers believe. Most think you only need to file a claim to receive the compensation you deserve. However, insurance companies are in business to earn profits, and they typically don’t like sharing.

Insurers deny vehicle accident claims often, leaving victims without the means to pay for property damage, much less treatment for their injuries. If you want to ensure your accident claim proceeds as smoothly as possible, the first step is understanding why insurance claims are denied.

Could a denial be your fault?

If you did something to cause the motor vehicle accident, your insurer might have grounds to deny your claim. For example, if you were driving while drunk or at excessive speeds, you may share fault with the other driver.

Insurers also deny claims when policyholders don’t follow protocol. For example, if you fail to report the accident to law enforcement, the insurer may believe your claim is fraudulent. In another example, if you don’t seek medical treatment for your injuries, your insurer might think you got hurt outside of the accident.

What if the insurer offers a low settlement?

A lowball offer is always a risk when dealing with insurers. Unless you have a firm grasp of insurance law, don’t accept the offer, especially if it was made in haste. Instead, learn about the Louisiana laws governing accident and injury compensation claims to make certain your insurer is not acting in bad faith.

Are there compensation alternatives besides insurance?

You can file a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist, but they might not have the funds to pay. Under the Louisiana direct action law, you may have grounds to sue the other driver’s insurance carrier instead. Seeking legal guidance will give you a better idea of your precise options.