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Several parties may be held liable after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Unlike in ordinary vehicle crashes, several parties besides the person behind the wheel could be of interest in your trucking accident claim. It is what makes claims for accidents involving large commercial trucks somewhat complicated.

Sometimes, things beyond the driver’s control may have contributed to the accident. In such a case, it would be unfair for the trucker to bear full responsibility for the crash. Below are the potentially liable parties in a trucking accident claim.

The trucking company

Was a lack of maintenance behind the crash? Was the driver competent and qualified to operate the truck?

The trucking company can be held responsible to the point where the buck stops with them. If a trucking company violated the hours of service by overworking its drivers or failed to conduct due diligence when hiring drivers, it could be legally liable for the crash.

The truck manufacturer

A defective car part could be the reason for the crash. If so, the manufacturer may be legally liable for the damages you suffered from the accident.

The loading crew

Sometimes, loosely secured cargo leads to an accident. If a third party separate from the trucking company was contracted to load and secure the cargo, it could be at fault for a crash caused by improperly secured cargo.

Protecting your interests in a trucking accident

Accidents involving trucks tend to result in serious injuries, and it is necessary to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Understanding the parties to hold liable is among the most crucial aspects of your claim. Remember, you still have to show how their negligence led to your injuries. It is advisable to seek legal guidance when filing your claim.