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Stay safe along the parade route this Mardi Gras

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Car Accidents

Who’s ready to paint their faces and head out to catch some long beads and stomp some doubloons? If you’re a New Orleanian, you either love Carnival or dread it. Either way, the season is kicking into high gear.

If you plan to venture out on the parade routes, the following tips from locals can enhance your Carnival experience and keep you safer:

Bringing kids? Keep supplies on hand

Wagons are a necessary parade accessory for hauling weary children and parade bounty back to the car or house. Also, customized ladders designed according to Mardi Gras specifications give the kiddos a great view of the passing floats.

Don’t cross between floats

Far too many people die from accidents involving Mardi Gras parade floats. Since visibility from the float is limited, give the floats a wide berth.

Wear costumes and masks, but stay comfy

Leave the sky-high heels at home and don an old pair of tennis shoes. Make sure that your costume allows you to move freely (and quickly, if necessary).

Don’t forget the food

From Popeye’s fried chicken to king cake and the mouth-watering scent of barbecue grills firing up all along the Avenue, make sure you sample enough Mardi Gras food to avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

Drunk drivers are out there

Remember, as you and your family are leaving the parade route for the walk back home or to the car, there are plenty of intoxicated drivers who are also leaving the parade, the bar or the party. Due entirely to these negligent motorists, you or your loved ones could suffer serious, even life-altering injuries – or worse – if a drunk driver hits you.