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February 2014 Archives

New study finds conflicting information about elderly drivers

It is commonly held belief that teen drivers and elderly drivers are two of the most accident-prone demographics on the road. Elderly driving, in particular, has been a divisive safety topic in recent years. What is the right thing to do with elderly drivers? Should a license limit be put in place, forcing people to give up their licenses at a certain age? Should stricter requirements and tests be implemented to ensure that older drivers are safe enough to be on the road? Or should things stay the way they are, allowing people the freedom to choose whether they want to drive or not?

Slip-and-fall in Louisiana casino leads to lawsuit

Everyone expects to enter a safe building when they go shopping, or stay at a hotel, or go to work -- really, it is a basic expectation that anyone has when they enter almost any building. This may seem insignificant, but terrible accidents can occur when building managers or maintenance crews fail to uphold safety protocols for their patrons.

Ride-sharing companies could come under increased pressure

One recent change in the motor vehicle world that has its roots in mobile technology is the advent of freelance taxi services, or "transportation network companies." These companies create a mobile-based app that allows users to connect with drivers that contract with the company. Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are examples of these ride-sharing companies, who contract with drivers to provide a taxi service.

Seemingly sleepy truck driver causes fatal crash

We've all heard about the car accident horror stories where a driver falls asleep at the wheel, thus causing an unfortunate wreck. These wrecks can be terrible ordeals that deal people serious injuries. However, add in a large truck, like a semi, and you have a recipe for disaster.

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