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How drivers can reduce phone distractions

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Car Accidents

A driving distraction is anything that causes a driver to look away from the road in front of them, take their hands off the wheel or think about anything other than driving safely. Eating, changing the radio and talking to passengers are some common forms of distracted driving. The most common driving distraction is likely phones.

When drivers use their phones, they are engaging in all three forms of distracted driving. Notifications from calls and texts may be the biggest distraction for drivers. However, drivers can take steps to reduce distracted driving caused by their phones. Here’s how:

Turn the phone off

Drivers can prevent any form of distraction by simply turning off their phones. Phone users will still see calls and texts, but only after they turn their phones back on. Turning off a phone can also help prevent drivers from engaging in social media apps while driving.

Turn on silent mode

Most phones have the option to silence calls and texts. This feature may turn on automatically when a phone detects a driver is in motion. Users will still receive calls and texts, but they will not make a sound when received.

Put the phone away

Another way to reduce phone distractions is by placing the phone out of reach. Drivers who can’t reach their phones may be less likely to use them while driving. Some safe places to store a phone can include a bag, backpack, glovebox or trunk.

Downgrade the phone

Some drivers have social media addiction, which can make people overly concerned with social media – this can also contribute to driving distractions. If a driver has a social media addiction and struggles to put away their phone while driving, then it can help to downgrade the phone. Some models of phones don’t have social media.