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Louisiana woman suing casino for slip-and-fall accident

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Premises Liability

In Louisiana, property owners have certain legal obligations that must be met. One of these obligations is to maintain the safety of their property for others. If the property is not maintained accordingly and an individual is injured while on the property, the property owner may owe them compensation in the form of personal injury damages to assist them in recovering from their injuries.

This type of personal injury lawsuit is called a premises liability cause of action. There are numerous different types of property conditions that can lead to a premises liability lawsuit, but one of the common types is a slip-and-fall. In fact, a Louisiana woman is suing a Treasure Chest Casino for injuries she suffered when she fell on a wet floor in the bathroom on the Casino’s property.

According to the woman’s complaint the incident occurred on March 9, 2013. She was exiting a bathroom near an area where an employee was cleaning the floor when she slipped and fell in a wet spot. The complaint alleges that it was only after the women fell that the employee put out a wet floor sign.

The lawsuit accuses the Casino of failing to use the required amount of reasonable care when cleaning their facility and keeping it free from hazards. In addition, the lawsuit also claims that the Casino failed to inspect the property and failed to create proper cleaning and inspection procedures, which allowed a dangerous substance to exist on the property.

The damages in the lawsuit are not specified. Nonetheless, the woman is asking that the casino cover her prescription medicine, physical and mental pain and suffering, other medical expenses and her loss of enjoyment of life.

Any resident of Louisiana that feels they have suffered an injury due to a dangerous property condition should speak with an experienced premises liability attorney. Speaking with an attorney can help the injured party understand whether they have a cause of action to recover damages and, if so, how to go about maximizing those damages and recovering them as quickly as possible.

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