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October 2014 Archives

Types of 'visitors' according to premises liability

Accidents can happen anytime. But what about when the accident occurs on someone else's property? Does the property owner have any responsibility to the injured to maintain a certain level of safety? These are important questions one may ask themselves when they suffer an injury due to an accident on private or public property.

Woman strikes fuel tanker and is charged with negligent homicide

When a vehicle and a truck are involved in a fatal car accident, many times people look to the truck driver for fault. However, that isn't always the case. Regular vehicles can cause car accidents as quickly and as easily as truck drivers. Tragedy struck New Orleans last week when a woman driving the wrong way struck an oil tanker head-on, causing a fatal explosion.

Who is responsible for injury suffered from a defective product?

Millions of products are sold Louisiana consumers daily. Many of these products make life easier by allowing us to do something we couldn't otherwise do without that product. Usually everything operates as it should and the buyer is satisfied. However, as you may already have experienced, sometimes products don't operate as they should. This could result in an injury that, by law, may hold the manufacturer responsible.

Who regulates and what is the 'Jones Act' in Louisiana?

When ships are out on the sea there are rules that apply to them as if they were on land. Some of these rules are internationally recognized and adhered to. Others are tailored specifically to a country. The Jones Act is a U.S. enacted law that aims at protecting the lives and safety of people traveling the high seas. While the following information is not meant to be legal advice, if you have been injured in an accident at sea it is important to have a basic understanding of admiralty and maritime law before beginning the claim process.

Louisiana man killed after reckless driver crosses median

It is crucial that drivers on the roads today operate their vehicle with care and awareness. This is not only for the best interests of everyone on the road, but is the best way to protect oneself against a reckless or negligent driver when out and about. Despite drivers' own caution, accidents can still happen that can be caused by reckless driving tactics used by others. Louisiana police claim that a reckless driver was responsible for the car accident that recently claimed the life of a Greenville man.