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December 2014 Archives

Can firearms be defective?

Most New Orleans residents know how dangerous guns can be, and many people are injured or killed each year by firearms. But what happens when a person is not directly responsible for those injuries? Depending on the situation, those who have suffered injuries from a firearm may want to explore the different types of product defects that may be responsible for a firearm accident.

Can the government be liable for a slip-and-fall injury?

Slip-and-fall accidents are a frequent occurrence on sidewalks, in stores and on other types of property that people walk on. If the accident occurs on property that is owned by the government, as opposed to a private property owner, is the injured person able to bring an action against the responsible government entity? If so, what are the requirements of such an action?

Product design defects expose Louisiana companies to liability

A product that is created and offered for consumption by the Louisiana public is required to adhere to reasonable expectations and certain standards regarding safety. If there is a danger posed by a product as a result of its design, manufacture or lack of warnings that result in injuries to a consumer, financial liability and other penalties may result.

Louisiana pedestrian killed by pickup on shoulder of road

Drivers are required to apply appropriate care in their actions on the road. This is especially important when sharing the road with pedestrians. Pedestrians typically are subject to more significant injuries in these accidents as they have a relative lack of safety features as compared with vehicles, which can create more extensive liability for those at fault.

Advocates for those injured on the premises of another

When individuals enter the property of another, whether residential, business or government property, they have a reasonable expectation of safety. Property owners are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for visitors. A failure to meet this responsibility may result in premises liability for the owner.