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January 2015 Archives

Products liability claims arising from food poisoning

When residents of New Orleans think about products liability claims, they typically consider claims of defective toys, vehicles and drugs, among other tangible items. However, what many people don't consider within the realm of products liability is injuries or illnesses caused by dangerous food products. Although food poisoning is a fairly common occurrence that most people have experienced at least once in their life, such an incident may constitute a legal action on behalf of the victim depending on the circumstances.

New Orleans man injured in slip and fall accident at business

Slip and fall accidents are fairly common and often occur on the residential or commercial premises of another. It is therefore important for property owners to regularly inspect their premises and repair any issues that may create an unnecessary potential for injury for visitors.

Elements of rollover trucking accidents

Residents in New Orleans have possible driven by a truck accident site at some point in their life. These massive vehicles can not only possibly cause a major accident, but could also lead to serious and even fatal injuries. A negligent truck driver can somtimes be the cause of a rollover truck crash, which is why it is important that trucking companies and truck drivers are aware of safety measures and accident prevention training.

Bruno & Bruno can assist those injured in a truck accident

The potential of a motor vehicle accident is an inherent risk taken by all drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The ensuing injuries can be significant and potentially life-threatening, depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision. The potential for severe injuries and fatalities is increased when commercial trucks are involved. The relative size of these vehicles compared to passenger cars, as well as their potentially dangerous cargo, often make the resulting damages worse than other accidents.