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March 2015 Archives

The most common circumstances leading to truck accidents

Drivers of commercial trucks must exercise an increased level of caution on the roadway. The reason is that trucks are significantly larger than most passenger vehicles and can cause serious injuries when involved in a collision. To prevent such collisions from occurring, it is important for drivers to have a better understanding of what causes these accidents.

Bruno & Bruno assists Louisianans with premises liability cases

Louisiana residents entering the property of another are entitled to certain protections from dangerous conditions that may exist on the property. These protections are extended to those entering residential property, as well as commercial property. Therefore, both businesses and homeowners have a duty to prevent or correct hazardous conditions that may exist on their property.

Impacts and damages resulting from oil spills in water

Oil spills can have a devastating impact on the health of those nearby, as well as on the surrounding environment. Those that occur on offshore oilrigs can additionally contaminate the body of water in which the rig is located and impair the health of wildlife living in the area. When such a spill occurs, there are various legal actions that can result.

Can children still be exposed to lead poisoning?

In the past, the poisoning of children from lead was a significant health hazard. The use of lead was prevalent in toys, paint and other household products. When children are exposed to lead, it can cause various developmental and health issues. Children are more at risk from the effects of lead than adults as their bodies absorb it more quickly and they are still developing. Since the use of lead has been banned and its use has become significantly scarcer, many may wonder if lead poisoning can still occur?