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April 2015 Archives

Louisiana woman killed by car after previous accident

Drivers must always be attentive when operating their vehicle, but especially so in the presence of pedestrians. Regardless of the reasoning for the pedestrian's presence on the road, a driver must be careful in their actions around the pedestrian as they have a relatively lower amount of protection in a collision.

Experienced New Orleans lawyers for premises liability claims

Owners of real property in Louisiana have a responsibility to keep the premises safe from known dangers, or those they should be aware of. This obligation applies to both residential and commercial property owners. The degree of care that the premises owner owes to others entering the property is typically dependent the classification of the visitor.

Operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Although the concept of penalties related to driving a car while under the influence is understood by Louisianans, many may be surprised to know that similar penalties exist for operating a boat while under the influence as well. In fact, over half of all boating accidents are the result of an operator being impaired by drugs or alcohol.

When is a warning required on a dangerous product?

There are often lawsuits that may stem from injuries sustained as a result of a defect in the creation or design of a product. These lawsuits are initiated by products liability claims. However, many may be surprised to find out that a product with no design or manufacturing flaws may still give rise to a legal claim. Such claims result when improper or inadequate warnings or instructions are provided for the product and there is a foreseeable risk of injury from its use. Many may wonder what necessitates a product warning, and who are the responsible parties for creating and abiding by such warnings?

Louisiana woman injured in apartment slip and fall

Residents of Louisiana apartment buildings, and those entering the home of another person, have an expectation of safety on the property. Owners that fail to provide a safe environment may be exposed to significant financial liability for any ensuing injuries.