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Experienced New Orleans lawyers for premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2015 | Premises Liability

Owners of real property in Louisiana have a responsibility to keep the premises safe from known dangers, or those they should be aware of. This obligation applies to both residential and commercial property owners. The degree of care that the premises owner owes to others entering the property is typically dependent the classification of the visitor.

If a property owner fails to meet their duty, either through willful acts or negligence, they may be liable for any damages that result. Among the more common property conditions that may lead to a premises liability claim are improper lighting, dangerous flooring, wet or slippery conditions on the ground, and pieces of debris falling on people. When a property owner becomes aware of the presence of such a dangerous condition, or could find out through reasonable means, they become liable for their failure to correct the issue.

The attorneys at Bruno & Bruno have a lot of experience in navigating the various issues involved with premises liability claims. They know the level of proof that is required to prove the liability of the property owner. They understand how to conduct the factual investigation necessary to determine whether a client has a legitimate premises liability case and how to collect evidence for use at trial.

The premises liability attorneys of Bruno & Bruno are diligent advocates who pursue the goal of rightful compensation for their clients. This compensation includes damages related to medical expenses for any injuries, lost wages incurred as a result of being unable to work for a short or extended period, and pain and suffering.

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