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Your Uber driver may not have enough insurance

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2017 | Taxi And Ride-Share Accidents

There are plenty of circumstances in New Orleans and Covington where you may be safer if you download a ride-share app and arrange for someone else to drive you rather than getting behind the wheel yourself. The companies that offer these services are responsible for ensuring that you are safe, and that includes adequate insurance coverage. The attorneys at Bruno & Bruno have worked with many car accident victims whose ongoing medical expenses have exceeded coverage limits.

According to NerdWallet, Uber drivers should never assume that their personal insurance policy picks up where the company’s coverage leaves off. For one thing, if the driver who gives you a ride has never informed the insurance company that the vehicle is being used for a ride-sharing company, the personal policy could be at risk of cancellation. Even if it is not, the coverage is not likely to include an accident that occurs while you are in the vehicle.

Many insurance companies provide ride-share insurance to drivers, and this coverage is more likely to take over and fill the gaps if your injuries exceed the maximum allowed by the company’s policies. However, there are not many insurance companies that offer this type of policy to Uber drivers in Louisiana. A commercial auto insurance policy may be an alternative in some cases. Because options are so limited in your area, a driver may decide the extra coverage is too difficult or expensive to purchase and maintain. For more information about legal issues involving ride-share companies, please visit our web page.