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The best way to keep kids safe in an accident

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Louisiana law sets some specific legal requirements when it comes to the safety of children riding in motor vehicles. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission states the law requires children ages six to 12 to use an appropriate seat belt or booster seat. Any child who weighs less than 60 pounds or is under six years old must use a car or booster seat chosen based upon the manufacturer’s specifications for weight and height.

The Commission also provides information to citizens to help ensure that children are placed in the proper seats and using the correct restraint systems based on size and age. In addition, proper installation and fit within the vehicle are also stressed by the Commission for the best protection of a child in an accident situation.

It is recommended that children use special restraint systems until the age of 12 or whenever he or she is of a size to properly use the seat belts in the vehicle. Booster seats can be used for those ages four to 12, depending on size. Some children ages four to seven may still need to be in a car seat if they are smaller. It is encouraged that newborns and children up to age three stay rear-facing as long as possible. These age groups should always be in a car seat. Parents should change seats and systems according to the weight and height of their children, not age. Finally, children are the safest sitting in the back seat and should stay there until they are over age 12.