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Risks associated with driving at night

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Accidents happen at all times of the year and day, but some are especially dangerous. For example, nighttime driving can bring a higher risk of a crash for various reasons such as an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the road, poor visibility and drowsy drivers. If you regularly drive during the nighttime, whether you have to go to work or take care of another responsibility, it is crucial to be vigilant behind the wheel.

When driving at night, you may not able to see the road or other vehicles as well, especially if you drive in an area that is poorly lit. However, poor visibility is not the only risk factor associated with driving during the night. Unfortunately, many people get behind the wheel while intoxicated due to consuming alcohol or taking drugs at night and this combined with decreased visibility can make roads incredibly dangerous. Furthermore, some people are tired because they have worked excessive hours or recently woke up to head to work for an overnight shift, also increasing the chances of an accident.

During the night, you should be especially vigilant behind the wheel and keep an eye out for any drowsy, drunk or distracted drivers. Unfortunately, even drivers who are very responsible find themselves in wrecks due to the negligent behavior of others, in which case legal action may be necessary. The traffic accident section on our site provides more material related to motor vehicle crash injuries and other topics related to this area of law.