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Watch out for these hazards of summer driving

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people eagerly anticipate summer. For many, it’s a more leisurely, laid-back time of year when they take a vacation from work, hit the road and savor a welcome respite from their busy schedules. But with the balmy summertime comes driving hazards that you should be ready for. That way, you can increase your chances of protecting yourself and your passengers.

We usually think of winter as a time when driving dangers abound. Nevertheless, summer brings its own set of tricky challenges. In fact, the simple presence of more vehicles on the road during the summer can be a hazard in itself.

Be careful of these summer situations

Weather and other scenarios associated with summer can set the stage for motor vehicle accidents. Be smart, be aware and stay safe, so summer is fun, not dangerous.

  • Make it less likely for your car to overheat. Check your cooling fan, coolant, thermostat and radiator.
  • You will be sharing the road with teenage drivers who may be inexperienced and impulsive. Keep that in mind at all times.
  • It’s rainier in the summer. That means a heightened risk of hydroplaning, which happens when your vehicle’s tires lose their grip because of water ponding on the road. Before heading out, find out if there are detours or if streets you plan to take are temporarily off-limits due to flooding.
  • There’s more road construction during the summer months. When you spot signs informing you that crews are fixing the road, slow down and drive carefully.

Enjoy driving in the summer but be alert

Summer is a perfect time for the whole family to relax, get away and luxuriate in the sun. If you plan to drive to a faraway destination or even just take a few day trips, drive cautiously. Being in an excessive hurry can ironically wind up slowing you down more. If you cross paths with another driver whose actions lead to a collision that leaves you injured, look into your options for compensation.