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Death toll may rise in “super-fog” pileup

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people were affected by the recent mass casualty pileup on the elevated section of I-55 between Manchac and Ruddock that occurred on Monday, Oct. 23. At least eight people died and another 63 suffered injuries in the series of crashes that involved at least 168 vehicles.

The major accident was attributed to “super-fog,” the meteorological term given to atmospheric conditions of dense, heavy fog worsened by smoke. The smoke arose from burning marsh fires in and around the Metro New Orleans area.

I-10 closed as well

First responders had no way to get to the accident site due to the gridlocked cars that were stuck on the elevated highway in both directions. Some firefighters attempted to put out the flames of a blazing tanker truck that ignited multiple other vehicles from the waters beneath the bridge.

Louisiana State Police (LSP) also shut down I-10 in both directions over the Bonne Carre Spillway to avoid additional collisions and provide a route for first responders to reach those injured in the Interstate 55 carnage.

Most in wreck were rush-hour commuters 

The fog first rolled in around 3 a.m. Shortly thereafter, the wind changed direction, adding smoke from the nearby Bayou Sauvage Urban National Wildlife Refuge wildfire that had been burning for nine days at that point. Due to zero visibility, the Causeway had already shut down.

All this occurred right when commuters from the Northshore and River Parishes were heading into their work shifts at the many refineries along the river and to jobs in New Orleans.

Where to turn after a mass casualty accident

If you were involved in this or a similar accident, it can be nearly impossible to sort out liability in such a disaster. That’s why it is prudent to learn all that you can about your rights to pursue damages against the at-fault parties that left you injured.