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Using a mobile phone to facilitate a favorable outcome after a car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Car Accidents

When people talk about phones and the role they play in car crashes, the focus is often about how distraction causes wrecks. People who cannot set their phones down may become so distracted at the wheel that they end up causing completely preventable collisions.

People can blame some crashes on the use of mobile devices, but phones can also be very helpful after a collision occurs. Those involved in a crash can use their phones to mitigate the worst consequences of a collision. How can a phone help someone resolve the challenges inspired by a crash?

They can contact authorities and insurance provider

Mobile phones mean that people no longer have to walk to someone’s house to call for police support or medical assistance after a crash. They can call before they even exit their vehicles in many cases. They will also be able to quickly and efficiently gather information about the other driver by taking pictures of their license plate, their driver’s license, their vehicle registration and their insurance cards. Finally, motorists can begin the early process of notifying an insurance provider about a collision using an app or online reporting tool through their mobile phones.

They can preserve the scene of the crash

Unless there are traffic cameras nearby, there may not be any objective evidence to prove exactly what happened before and during a crash. The people involved will rely on a police officer’s ability to interpret the scene of the crash and analyze the statements provided by the drivers involved in the wreck. Capturing the scene of the crash by taking photographs or recording video can help someone show that they did not cause the wreck. People often make mistakes when taking pictures of a crash scene. They tend to focus on the damage to their vehicles. The placement of the vehicles and debris in relation to surrounding landmarks can be very important for the accurate analysis of the crash later.

People can also use their devices to record the behavior of other drivers, which should help prove that they were under the influence or that they attempted to destroy or hide evidence before the police arrived. Using a mobile phone as a tool can potentially help someone obtain a better outcome after a crash damages their vehicle and leaves them injured in these and a host of other ways.