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How to take pictures after a car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Car Accidents

If you get involved in a serious car accident, especially if someone is injured in the crash, it’s important to take photos after the event. You may need to file a claim with your insurance company, and the pictures can help. Additionally, you may end up seeking compensation from the other driver, who caused the crash, and the pictures can help to demonstrate fault.

In the modern world, it’s relatively easy to snap photos for everyone who carries a cellphone. But what pictures should you take? Below are three examples.

Pictures of identifying information

First and foremost, take photos of the other person‘s car, their license plate, their driver’s license and their contact information. You need to be able to identify them later and you may need to get in contact with them, so having this record is highly beneficial. Taking photos is faster and easier than trying to write everything down.

Pictures of damage or injuries

Additionally, take close-up pictures of injuries people have suffered or damage to the vehicle. Of course, getting emergency medical care for the injured is more important and should come first, but photos can help to demonstrate that those injuries or that damage are definitely connected to the crash.

Pictures of the scene

Finally, take pictures of the crash scene, the road design, other vehicles and the placement of the crashed cars. This can help to demonstrate how the collision occurred. For instance, it may be clear that the other driver ran a stop sign and you had the right of way.

Taking pictures may be the first step in this process, but it is certainly not the last one. Be sure you know about your legal options when seeking financial compensation.