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Louisiana experiences more than its fair share of drunk driving crashes

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Car Accidents

When thinking about factors that make Louisiana stand out from the rest of the country, people often focus on the positive. There are unique cuisines that have their roots in Louisiana, including both Cajun and Creole cuisines. New Orleans, in particular, is famous for having world-class restaurants and unique dishes that just aren’t the same anywhere else.

Unfortunately, another factor that sets Louisiana apart from other states is the level of risk drivers and passengers in motor vehicles have when traveling. Research into crash rates and drunk driving in particular make it clear that Louisiana can be a very dangerous place to go for a drive.

What do the statistics show?

One of the most dangerous locations in the country for driving overall and drunk driving in particular is Louisiana’s state capital. Baton Rouge is the second most dangerous city in the country for drivers overall. New Orleans actually fared far better during the same analysis. It took 61st place on the list of cities with the worst drivers

Baton Rouge sees roughly twice as many fatal crashes as New Orleans. The city also sees 2.2 times more drunk driving fatalities than the national average. Overall, the combination of unsafe drivers, elevated drunk driving risk and poor road maintenance combine to increase the degree of danger on the roads.

What does this data mean for Louisiana residents?

People who regularly ride in motor vehicles in Louisiana may want to prioritize their safety more by engaging in defensive driving tactics on the road to reduce their collision risk. They might also want to learn more about when drunk driving crash risks spikes, such as late at night and around certain holidays.

Additionally, those affected by unsafe motorists and drunk drivers in particular may need to learn about how the law allows them to take action after a crash. Those hurt in a collision can file insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits. Those who lose a loved one due to unsafe or drunk driving may have the option of filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Ultimately, seeking justice from the civil system can diminish the harm that a crash causes to a family and can impose additional consequences on a motorist who caused a harmful, preventable wreck.