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Inclement weather and reckless driving

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than two million injuries and over 32,000 fatalities take place each year as a result of motor vehicle wrecks. These traffic accidents have many causes, including driving over the speed limit, getting behind the wheel after consuming drugs or alcohol, cell phones, and other distractions. However, weather can also lead to a collision in New Orleans and on roads across Lousiana. Regrettably, some people fail to drive safely during poor weather conditions and threaten the lives of others.

The Federal Highway Administration raises awareness about many of the different weather-related hazards that are present on roads across the U.S. In some locations, snow and ice can wreak havoc during winter months. However, weather can also cause deadly accidents in places which do not have any snowfall. The FHWA reports that rainy conditions and wet roads make up for most of the traffic accidents involving weather hazards.

Going over the financial consequences of auto crashes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than two million people sustain injuries due to motor vehicle crashes per year. Furthermore, auto crashes result in over 32,000 annual fatalities. While many people recognize that these collisions can leave victims with serious injuries or families with emotional pain after they lose a loved one, it is important to realize some of the other ways that these accidents can upend the lives of victims. For example, car wrecks can have serious financial repercussions as well.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, victims of auto accidents may face financial problems for an array of reasons. For example, someone may find themselves unable to keep working due to an injury they sustained in a crash. Furthermore, some auto accident injuries are so serious that they leave victims with permanent disabilities and they can never head back to work. Tragically, some of these wrecks claim lives, which can create financial devastating for entire families. From funeral costs to lost productivity caused by profound emotional pain, families may also struggle financially after losing someone who was close.

Was the person who hit you using a hands-free device at the time?

Perhaps you finally had the chance recently to unwind with your family, heading out together for some recreation during these last remaining weeks of summer. If you're like many other Louisiana residents, you may have chosen one of the popular zoos, aquariums, theme parks or museums in the state as your destination. If yours is a particularly energetic family, several of these locations may have been part of your itinerary.

Planning your outings may have been challenging; however, you and your family were likely anticipating a great adventure, that is, until another motorist crashed into your car, bringing all vacation fun to an abrupt halt. If the person driving the other car was using a hands-free device at the time, and your accident could have been prevented if he or she had been paying attention to driving instead of talking on the phone or sending a voice-text message, you may have experienced great frustration and a desire to seek justice.

Are weekends more dangerous for motorcyclists?

When it comes to preventing motorcycle accidents, there are many angles that you may want to think about if you ride a motorcycle. For example, you should always be vigilant and try to watch out for any reckless drivers. Also, it is smart to stay off the road during inclement weather conditions that affect your ability to ride safely. However, you may want to consider other matters, such times of week that motorcycle accidents are more likely.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more motorcyclists lost their lives in traffic accidents that took place on weekdays rather than weekends throughout 2013. On the other hand, the opposite was true for 2004, when more motorcyclists passed away on weekends. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are more days during the week, so the likelihood of being killed in a motorcycle accident during the weekend is likely higher than on any given weekday.

Auto crashes and the Fourth of July

Whether a driver consumes alcohol and decides to get behind the wheel or a passenger distracts someone who is trying to operate a vehicle, there are countless reasons why traffic accidents keep happening. At Bruno & Bruno, we are also aware that certain holiday activities, such as parades and heavy traffic due to a festival, can also increase the chances of a car accident.

For many communities, the Fourth of July holiday is a time to celebrate with fireworks and other attractions. In some areas, large festivals occur during this time of year, attracting a large number of people from out of town. Unfortunately, this can result in auto collisions, for various reasons. Not only do tourists and non-locals sometimes have difficulty with directions and lack familiarity with local roads, but heavy congestion can also cause a crash. In fact, an accident may happen after a firework explodes near a driver. On top of all of these factors, some people drive after consuming alcohol, and many people drink during Fourth of July celebrations.

A defective part can strike at any moment and cause a disaster

Motor vehicle accidents can occur for any number of reasons. Unfortunately, the result is often the same, with many collisions ending in serious injuries, or worse. If you suffered severe injuries in a recent accident, chances are, you might be searching for options concerning compensation.

Perhaps the other party did not cause the accident, or maybe there was no other vehicle. Instead, your car suddenly stopped working properly while on the road, resulting in an accident and causing you to believe a defective vehicle part is to blame. If this turns out to be the case, you may have grounds for a product liability claim.

Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Summer is officially in full swing across Louisiana, if you are among the many who are out enjoying the weather on foot, it is important to stay vigilant of passing vehicles. The Traffic Safety Store reports that more than 4,000 pedestrians die and about 70,000 suffer injury every year because of pedestrian-automobile accidents, and many of these accidents share common factors. At Bruno & Bruno, we understand the types of injuries that often result from such collisions, and we have helped many clients secure compensation following similar incidents.

When it comes to staying safe as a pedestrian, know that there are several factors that may place you at a higher risk of an accident than the general public. If you are, for example, over 65, your risk of a becoming a victim in a pedestrian accident increases. You are also more likely to suffer an injury on a sunny day, when more people take to the roadway on foot. Regardless of what time of day you take to the road, avoid drinking alcohol beforehand. While a motorist’s use of alcohol plays a role in about 13 percent of all pedestrian and automobile accidents, pedestrians, too, can reduce their risk of injury by remaining sober.

How motorists can avoid truck accidents

Now that summer is here, there are more motorists on the roads in Louisiana than usual. Many of those individuals are truck operators who are spending longer hours on the roads to meet delivery and shipment deadlines, earn incentives and get home. These factors and more increase the risk of truck and car accidents. Not all truck accidents are caused by commercial vehicle operators. Other motorists cause them too. According to, vehicles other than trucks cause more than two-thirds of all truck accidents

Accidents involving trucks are usually more severe than other types of motor vehicle crashes. Victims are more likely to suffer from life-threatening injuries that can change their lives forever. Although truckers often take the blame, motorists should learn how they can protect themselves from collisions with these individuals. 

Seek justice following a boat-related accident, full speed ahead

Warmer weather means more time for boating. However, more boats on the water also means more potential accidents. And while boating accidents are similar to car accidents in many ways, there are some key differences between the two that all boaters should be aware of.

What to do following a car crash

After a motor vehicle accident, you may understandably be shaken up and even angry, especially if another motorist caused the accident. This is particularly true if the other driver was being careless behind the wheel, such as driving while distracted. Having physical pain and discomfort to deal with immediately following the wreck only makes matters even more complicated.

Knowing exactly what to do following a car crash in Louisiana can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, a few steps are critical to take both at the accident scene and afterward. Failing to take these steps may end up hurting you legally and financially in the long run.