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Common causes of pedestrian accidents

Summer is officially in full swing across Louisiana, if you are among the many who are out enjoying the weather on foot, it is important to stay vigilant of passing vehicles. The Traffic Safety Store reports that more than 4,000 pedestrians die and about 70,000 suffer injury every year because of pedestrian-automobile accidents, and many of these accidents share common factors. At Bruno & Bruno, we understand the types of injuries that often result from such collisions, and we have helped many clients secure compensation following similar incidents.

When it comes to staying safe as a pedestrian, know that there are several factors that may place you at a higher risk of an accident than the general public. If you are, for example, over 65, your risk of a becoming a victim in a pedestrian accident increases. You are also more likely to suffer an injury on a sunny day, when more people take to the roadway on foot. Regardless of what time of day you take to the road, avoid drinking alcohol beforehand. While a motorist’s use of alcohol plays a role in about 13 percent of all pedestrian and automobile accidents, pedestrians, too, can reduce their risk of injury by remaining sober.

How motorists can avoid truck accidents

Now that summer is here, there are more motorists on the roads in Louisiana than usual. Many of those individuals are truck operators who are spending longer hours on the roads to meet delivery and shipment deadlines, earn incentives and get home. These factors and more increase the risk of truck and car accidents. Not all truck accidents are caused by commercial vehicle operators. Other motorists cause them too. According to, vehicles other than trucks cause more than two-thirds of all truck accidents

Accidents involving trucks are usually more severe than other types of motor vehicle crashes. Victims are more likely to suffer from life-threatening injuries that can change their lives forever. Although truckers often take the blame, motorists should learn how they can protect themselves from collisions with these individuals. 

Seek justice following a boat-related accident, full speed ahead

Warmer weather means more time for boating. However, more boats on the water also means more potential accidents. And while boating accidents are similar to car accidents in many ways, there are some key differences between the two that all boaters should be aware of.

What to do following a car crash

After a motor vehicle accident, you may understandably be shaken up and even angry, especially if another motorist caused the accident. This is particularly true if the other driver was being careless behind the wheel, such as driving while distracted. Having physical pain and discomfort to deal with immediately following the wreck only makes matters even more complicated.

Knowing exactly what to do following a car crash in Louisiana can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, a few steps are critical to take both at the accident scene and afterward. Failing to take these steps may end up hurting you legally and financially in the long run.

Addressing driver safety with technology

Drivers in Louisiana may come upon any number of traffic situations, even during a quick trip to the grocery store. Responding to these correctly and safely may take full concentration, good judgment and excellent reflexes. When any factor is missing, the results may be fatal. Forbes magazine points out that eliminating the potential for motor vehicle crashes resulting from failures in any of these areas has become the driving motivation for developers of technology.

Some technology focuses on the outside of the vehicle, sensing objects and other vehicles in front and back, as well as in blind spots. Radar, cameras and GPS systems help with these operations, and the computers may activate an alert to the driver, or even take over and make the necessary response without input from behind the wheel. To encourage responsibility and safety, some systems focus on the inside of the vehicle, monitoring the physical state of the person in the driver seat.

Protecting yourself as a rideshare driver

As a rideshare driver on the busy roads of Louisiana, you face a unique set of inherent risks stemming from your need to drive assertively in response to constant traffic issues. With efficient travel, you are able to realize more profit with a higher number of fares, but your personal protection is also critical. At Bruno & Bruno Trial Lawyers, we understand the implications of ridesharing and have helped many drivers to navigate the complications of liability and fault in the event of an accident.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reminds ridesharing drivers like yourself that using your personal vehicle can complicate the process of determining liability in an accident. As a consequence, you could be left to pay for damages and injuries if not properly insured. Even worse, if you are hit by a driver who is uninsured or underinsured you could be completely responsible for the accident.

Are you the tortoise or the hare when it comes to compensation?

You might wonder what Aesop's fable about the tortoise and the hare has to do with compensation. As the fable of the tortoise and the hare teaches, "slow and steady wins the race." The same could be true in personal injury claims. Waiting until you are aware of all of your injuries before pursuing compensation is probably the better choice since accepting a quick settlement could cost you.

For instance, you might have walked away from a recent accident feeling lucky at the time, only to wake up several days later feeling as though the crash just took place. Many injuries have immediate symptoms, but some serious injuries can take longer to reveal themselves. If another party caused your accident, you may choose to seek restitution for your financial losses, but if you fail to account for injuries that manifest later, you could lose essential compensation you might need in the future.

Many factors affect risk in large truck crashes

The responsibilities of tractor trailer drivers in Louisiana extend far beyond the transportation of goods that is so essential to the nation’s economy. The size, weight, ground clearance and cargo of these vehicles often make them serious hazards to others in a crash. Operating them requires more education and instruction than a regular motorist undergoes because they are more difficult to maneuver and stop in unexpected traffic situations.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during 2015, the most recent year that casualty statistics are available, a full 10 percent of the crash deaths in Louisiana occurred in large truck accidents. Of those 73 deaths, only one was an occupant in a large truck. The others were occupants of other types of vehicles, motorcycle operators, bicyclists or pedestrians.

The best way to keep kids safe in an accident

Louisiana law sets some specific legal requirements when it comes to the safety of children riding in motor vehicles. The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission states the law requires children ages six to 12 to use an appropriate seat belt or booster seat. Any child who weighs less than 60 pounds or is under six years old must use a car or booster seat chosen based upon the manufacturer’s specifications for weight and height.

The Commission also provides information to citizens to help ensure that children are placed in the proper seats and using the correct restraint systems based on size and age. In addition, proper installation and fit within the vehicle are also stressed by the Commission for the best protection of a child in an accident situation.

Concerning car accidents, distracted may be the new drunk

Car accidents have become more of a common occurrence over recent years. While this may be due in part to the increase in the amount of traffic of late, you will find that there are certain factors that are more prevalent amongst recent collisions. Distracted driving has turned into a significant issue, with many individuals choosing to divide their attention between the road and objects such as a cell phone.

You may have noticed drivers nearby who are not carefully watching the road. Distracted drivers often exhibit the same signs as drunk drivers, and can be every bit as dangerous.