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January 2014 Archives

Revealing figures in new study on drunk and 'buzzed' driving

People in New Orleans have read their fair share of drunk driving accident stories in the news. Really, anyone across the country has read about one or ten (or hundreds) of such stories. The crucial factor in these stories is that many of us have been in a similar situation to the unfortunate souls who decide to drive drunk. Maybe we weren't legally drunk; in fact, we may have only had one drink; but we still got in the car and drove while alcohol was in our system. There's nothing wrong with that so long as we're under 0.08, right?

Speeding driver, passenger die in Louisiana crash

Two women were killed in Louisiana over the weekend after their car struck a concrete object at a rate of speed that is currently being presumed to be high. The two women, aged 35 and 31, were driving down Interstate when their vehicle suddenly turned left and struck the object. It is unknown why the driver suddenly lost control of the vehicle, but a toxicology test is being performed.

New study asserts self-driving vehicle takeover by mid-century

Many New Orleans residents have probably heard about the furor to get self-driving cars out on the road. It may sound like a science fiction movie, but these vehicles are more of a reality than many people may know. Autonomous (or self-driving) cars have been tested for a couple of years, and some states are modifying their laws so that they can be tested on their streets. There have been many promising results, and according to a new study, these promising early days will foster a sweeping change in the future.

Car accidents galore as pool employee knowingly creates icy road

A bizarre story of mischief of negligence is making the national rounds, and it has ties to premises liability law and car accidents. New Orleans residents may not have much experience with freezing streets, but the folks in Connecticut (where this story occurred) certainly do -- just not necessarily under these circumstances.

Slip and falls can be very dangerous for unsuspecting customers

In late 2012, a woman was walking out of a storage center. She entered the parking lot and stepped in a puddle, promptly falling and presumably injuring herself. The woman has since filed a petition to get depositions from anyone who worked on a cooling unit at the storage center that allegedly leaked and caused water to pool in the parking lot.