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March 2014 Archives

Louisiana woman suing casino for slip-and-fall accident

In Louisiana, property owners have certain legal obligations that must be met. One of these obligations is to maintain the safety of their property for others. If the property is not maintained accordingly and an individual is injured while on the property, the property owner may owe them compensation in the form of personal injury damages to assist them in recovering from their injuries.

General Motors' massive recall and product liability

As Louisiana owners of General Motors cars are no doubt aware, GM recent recalled more than 1.62 million of its vehicles due to a problem with their ignition systems that has been implicated in at least 31 accidents and 12 deaths. The company now faces numerous investigations into its handling of the affair, and could face large fines if it is found to have delayed responding to reports of safety issues. Japanese automaker recently agreed to pay a record $1.2 billion in penalties to settle investigations into its actions in a safety scandal of its own.

Bicycle accident in New Orleans kills 50-year-old man

As residents of Louisiana are very aware, people get around in all sorts of ways. Usually it is by car, but sometimes it's via public transportation, motorcycles or bicycles. This mix of modes can sometimes lead to an unexpected accident, whether it is a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident. These collisions often cause serious injury or worse for one or more involved individuals.

Three-truck crash spills 30,000 pounds of coffee beans

When it comes to incidents on the roadways, many of them are very unexpected and shocking. They can involve numerous vehicles and even massive trucks making large shipments across the country. This could mean a dangerous and huge accident site along with serious injuries and severe damage.