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February 2015 Archives

Driver killed in New Orleans car accident

Drivers understand that they have certain responsibilities for the safety of others while operating their vehicles. If they are unable to fulfill these obligations, unnecessarily dangerous conditions may be created that can result in injury to others. When this occurs, the consequences can be significant and those who are injured may be able to receive compensation from the party at fault.

Unique circumstances that may be present in truck accidents

Any driver, passenger, or pedestrian who has encountered a commercial truck on the road can attest to its significant size and weight, relative to other vehicles. This size disparity often leads to more severe injuries and even death for those are involved in a collision with a truck. Many times, a collision may be the result of the intricacies of how a truck operates and a lack of such knowledge by drivers of other vehicles. As a result, unnecessarily dangerous situations may arise.

Bruno & Bruno attorneys advocate for those injured on property

People enter the property of others for various reasons, including attending parties, performing work or shopping, among many others. When they do so, they have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe on the property and that the property will be free from dangerous conditions. When this is not the case, the property owner may expose themselves to significant liability for any ensuing injuries.

What injuries can occur on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships are a popular method of travel for those in Louisiana who seek a vacation on the water. The majority of these getaways occur without incident. However, there are certain instances in which travelers may become ill or injured as a result of actions of the ship operator or staff. Many people may wonder what types of injuries can occur on a cruise ship, and what law governs any ensuing claims?