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August 2015 Archives

Louisiana man killed in motor vehicle accident at intersection

Drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians all take on a certain amount of danger when on the roadway. It is therefore imperative that all drivers pay attention and follow the rules of the road when operating their vehicle to ensure the safety of themselves and others as much as possible. The failure to do so can result in an accident that causes serious injuries for all involved.

Those injured by a dangerous product can seek legal help

Consumers in New Orleans, Louisiana, have a certain expectation regarding the safety of the products that they purchase and use. If they use products responsibly and as intended, they should be able to trust that the manufacturer and seller of the product have taken the necessary care to ensure their safety while using it.

Property conditions and areas leading to slip-and-fall injuries

A slip-and-fall accident is the most common cause of a legal action for personal injury. These types of incidents can occur at any time throughout the year and can result from adverse weather conditions or improper property maintenance. When such an incident occurs on the premises of a property owner and they failed to meet their standard of care in maintaining or correcting the condition that caused the slip, they may be liable for any resulting injuries under premises liability.

What are the most common causes of commercial truck accidents?

Motor vehicle accidents that involve commercial trucks have the potential to result in more severe injuries than other accidents. This is the result of the significant size of these trucks relative to typical passenger vehicles, in addition to the sometimes dangerous cargo that these trucks haul. Because of this potential, it is incumbent upon truck drivers and other drivers to be attentive and careful in their actions when sharing the road with each other.

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