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September 2015 Archives

What are manufacturing defects and how are they proven?

There are various ways in which consumer products can be defective or dangerous for their intended use. Flaws in the design of a product may make it inherently dangerous, while inadequate warnings may expose consumers to unknown dangers. Products that are properly designed and have appropriate warnings may still be found to be defective if they are improperly manufactured or damaged in the manufacturing process.

Liability of dog owners for bites or attacks in Louisiana

Premises liability claims can stem from injuries caused by various forms of negligent or careless conduct by a property owner. The most common of these claims are slip and fall injuries, however, those resulting from improper lighting, inadequate security and dog bites may also arise. For dog bite, or animal attack, claims of premises liability, the victim and the dog owner should understand the laws in place in their state regarding such liability.

How does fatigue impact commercial truck drivers?

There are various reasons for why truck accidents occur. At times, drivers of passenger vehicles are at fault, although the truck drivers, or their employers, may be responsible for others. The most common causes of truck accidents for which the truck driver is at fault include inadequate training, the encouragement of faster speeds and more hours of work, and the application of excessive schedule demands and expectations on drivers. Each of these issues introduces safety concerns that would otherwise not be present.

Fatigue is a major cause of truck accidents

Truck accidents are violent events that put innocent drivers' lives as risk. Due to the massive size of commercial trucks and semi tractor-trailers, the federal government has placed regulations on how long truck drivers may operate their rigs before they must stop and rest. These regulations are designed to protect New Orleans residents and other people throughout the country from the dangerous problem of truck driver fatigue.

Federal agency regulates sea vessel, ocean-based travel

When it comes to traveling, many New Orleans residents use their own cars and trucks to get from place to place. Sometimes they fly on airplanes to distant destinations or ride trains for their necessary and for pleasure travel. In some cases, individuals travel by boat. Though travel by sea vessel is not the most common method of travel for many people, it is a very common way for goods and products to be delivered to and from Louisiana through the Gulf.