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Louisiana Attorneys Handling Boating Accident Litigation

Although a boating accident is in most ways similar to any kind of motor vehicle accident, there are unique challenges that boating accident claims represent. Evidence is more difficult to acquire and understand in water accident cases, and witnesses are harder to come by. Usually the injuries that arise from a boating accident are far more severe than auto wreck injuries.

With offices in New Orleans and Covington, Louisiana, we represent North Shore and South Shore clients who have suffered boating accidents in New Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne and other waters in the area. Bruno & Bruno has been a significant presence in this community, providing legal services for injured auto accident victims for more than 60 years.

Attorneys from our firm understand the challenges involved with water accident cases. Our lawyers take on cases involving fishing boat accidents, ski boat accidents, commercial boat accidents, Jet Ski accidents and other personal watercraft accidents.

We have the experience needed to handle all of the unique challenges in boating accident claims, including:

  • Evidence: Usually the wreckage of a boating accident will sink and be lost, and when accidents occur out on the water, there simply aren’t as many witnesses, creating numerous challenges.
  • Catastrophic injuries: The injuries that result from serious boating accidents are often catastrophic or even fatal.
  • Complex laws: Especially with accidents occurring out in the Gulf of Mexico, there are potential jurisdictional concerns and competing laws and regulations when it comes to boating accident claims.
  • Aggressive litigation: With the seriousness and complexity of boating accident claims, these cases are usually fought aggressively in the courtroom.

Our lawyers understand the challenges involved. We have the experience and knowledge to fight for you. As an experienced family-based law firm, we have the compassion to help you personally throughout your case.

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