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Catastrophic Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Pedestrians And Pedicabs

Anytime someone is hit by a car while walking or gets in an accident while riding a pedicab, the injuries that result are usually catastrophic. Recovering physically and emotionally after an accident of this kind is extremely challenging for accident victims and their families. In addition, the cost and complexity of a legal claim should not be handled alone or with an inexperienced lawyer.

Talk with an attorney from our firm, Bruno & Bruno. Serving clients throughout the South Shore and North Shore of Louisiana from our offices in New Orleans and Covington, our attorneys bring decades of experience and a track record of success in all types of motor vehicle accident claims

We have been a strong presence in this community since our firm’s founding in 1950. Since that time, we have built a proud history of success in all types of motor vehicle accident claims.

Pedicabs ∙ Dangerous Transportation

While pedicabs have become more popular than ever in many warm-weather cities, they create a number of dangers. Drivers of pedicabs are given almost no safety training, and the licensure requirements are minimal. The pedicabs themselves often lack important safety features. Car drivers and truck drivers — especially those from out of state — often don’t see pedicabs on roadways and intersections, resulting in frequent accidents.

Pedestrian Accidents

The biggest problem with pedestrian accidents is the severity of injuries pedestrian accident victims suffer. Lacking any protection, pedestrians are totally defenseless when hit by motor vehicles.

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