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October 2015 Archives

Suspected drunk driver causes deadly accident in New Orleans

It is an unfortunate reality that drunk driving accidents are a common part of daily life in America, even despite the many different efforts by law enforcement officials and government agencies to highlight the extreme danger this behavior poses. Every year thousands of people are severely injured, or even killed, in auto accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Bruno & Bruno diligently represent premises liability victims

Property owners, or those responsible for maintaining or ensuring the safety on a piece of property, have a responsibility to others to prevent or correct dangerous property conditions. The level of care that is owed to others entering the property is based on their classification as a licensee, invitee or trespasser.

Understanding the danger of drivers running red lights

There are many reasons why a driver in Louisiana might be involved in a car accident. One reason that a car collision can occur is also one of the most egregious - running a red light. The reason traffic lights are in place is to keep traffic organized and safe. If a negligent driver does not adhere to the law and causes and accident, there can be terrible aftereffects. Research and attempts to reduce the frequency of drivers going through red lights are being conducted to end this dangerous act.

At least 5 Louisianans suffer illness from tainted cucumbers

When residents of Louisiana consider the potential risks of a dangerous product, they often don't realize how foods can cause them harm. With naturally grown items, fruits and vegetables, the worry about dangerous food products will not come to might as possibly causing problems. However, there are times when even foods that are supposed to be healthy can cause damage, consumer injury and even consumer death. When this occurs, those who have been affected need to know what to do after it has happened.